Acuity Tray

Acuity Tray

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Acuity Tray

Many are drawn to our Acuity Series by it's simple lines and elegance. We have resisted attaching marker trays to it being that markers and brushes can take away from the look.


We have been asked though for a small tray for use in a more utilitarian situation.
This simple clear tray attaches behind our clear surface and provides close marker storage.

Using and Caring for your Clear Future Markerboard

Markers :

  • User should use Low-odor, alcohol based ink, dry erase markers (supplied and available through most national stationery companies... Brands include Dixon, Expo 2, and others).
Cleaning :
  • Because the surface acts more like glass, you can use typical commercial and residential glass cleaners on it. Unlike some whiteboards, a glass cleaner will not affect our “L2” surface adversely! If any ghosting occurs (which can happen on whiteboards or on our boards by using some cheaper markers) you can spray it with glass cleaner and "Wow, its gone!".
Our boards require no other regular maintenance.