5 Unconventional Brainstorming Tricks

September 2012




If you have a team, you probably benefit from team brainstorming. Sometimes
though these sessions fall into bland ruts of routine that lower their


Heather Anne Ritchie of Onboardly, offers 5 brainstorming hacks to break
through the monotony and help you realize increased reward when investing
in these team times.


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Of course, we really like her second point…


“2. Invest in a whiteboard. Or two. Or three.


…Sometimes the best way to let ideas flow freely is not to think them out
mentally before writing them down but to just go with it. Write everything
that comes to mind down. The beauty of whiteboard is that you can continue
to add and simply erase away if something becomes irrelevant or is just a
bad idea. Whiteboards also allow employees to take a step back and view the
entire picture.”



Thanks Heather for the excellent encouragement!


Heather’s been crazy about the web since she was old enough to type. Currently, she spends her days in PR and Content Marketing as co-founder of Onboardly – working with venture funded startups that have a product their customers love. Onboardly helps them get noticed, secure early traction, and most importantly: acquire more customers.

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