Are Clear and Glass Dry Erase Boards the Future of Office Decor?

by: Chantielle MacFarlane
July 2010




Decorating an office space isn’t as easy as you
might think, but Clear Future Markerboards have
invented part of your solution.


A designer faces at least three challenges when decorating a workspace. The space must be inviting, not just to clients, but to the team as well. The area must also exude an air of professionalism in line with a company’s values and goals. And while balancing those, the space still needs to be functional. Clear Future Markerboards’ innovative presentation tools solve all three problems at once.


Clear Future’s see-through boards create an inviting atmosphere by providing opportunities for creativity without taking away from the room design. Similar to glass dry erase boards, Clear Future’s specially-coated, high-grade acrylic boards add the upgrade of a thick side profile and lighter wall weight. Add customizable sizing and you have the perfect answer for office design.


Function vs. Form in Clear Dry Erase Boards


Mounted chalkboards or whiteboards, a staple of office meetings can’t easily work in to design when not in use. Imagine the challenge of trying to camouflage a gigantic white or green rectangle. If you throw a cover over it or hand draw pictures on it, you compromise professionalism. A clear or glass dry erase board, however, easily transforms into a unique display case for company projects or upcoming events. A graphic design firm may even invite their employees to get imaginative and display their artwork behind the protective clear dry erase surface.


A clear markerboard also exudes professionalism. They’re clean and modern in comparison to chalkboards that look old-fashioned and white boards that begin to look dirty after extended use. Instead of sticking out, Clear Future’s transparent dry erase boards blend flawlessly into their surroundings; so much so that you might not even notice they’re there unless the board is in use. The board’s clarity allows the wall behind it to show through, providing your office space with a look that’s roomy, consistent, and void of visual distractions.


Clear Future Markerboards understands that a pleasant, industrious workspace can have a huge affect on company productivity and employee satisfaction. Their cleverly-designed clear dry erase boards will blend perfectly with your office design scheme, without drawing obvious attention to their intended function.



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