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11 Ways to Use Email to Make Things Worse

Written by Charles Stone     Email has become endemic to our culture. Without it, it would be difficult to communicate as much as it seems that the marketplace requires. I receive scores of emails every day and I know some people who get over 100. YIKES!   It can be a useful tool if […]

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Why I Hired A Girl On Craigslist to Slap Me In The Face – And How It Quadrupled My Productivity

        In San Francisco, everything is done with Craigslist. Need an apartment? Craigslist’s got you covered.   Want a bicycle, but you’d rather not buy stolen bikes from the corner of Market and 7th? To Craigslist we go.   It was the perfect location for an experiment on doubling productivity. How could […]

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Maximizing Your Goals

It’s inevitable that at the end of one year and the beginning of next that we start to think about what went right or wrong and what we can do to improve in the new year. Guest writer and marathoner, Angie Spencer helps us understand how this year we can maximize our goals.


Owning It

  From the acclaimed book, Owning It By Alex Kajitani California Teacher of the Year   Please Stop Thinking! Three Things Teachers Say That Sabotage Learning   As teachers, we always keep an eye out for the “teachable moment.”  Those unexpected twists and turns (usually student-provoked) in our daily routine that allow us to grab […]

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Leadership Lessons Learned Facing Death At 8,000 Feet

        “Hey Bruce, your crampons are coming off!”     As my beloved brother-in-law turned to look at his boot and check what hadtriggered my alarm, I didn’t for a second imagine that that he was going instantlyto lose his balance and initiate a fourteen hundred foot, hundred-mile-an-hourplummet to his death at […]