Three Meeting-Busting Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

Over the past century, humankind has made amazing advances in everything from technology and medicine to automation and instant communication. Yet we’re still plagued by the multibillion-dollar productivity loss from everyday office meetings […]

Read the articleby our guest expert, Jon Petz, author of Boring Meetings Suck
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Pregnant Meetings and the Nonsensical Moron

In the best selling book, Rework, meetings are noted as “the worst interruptions of all”. One of their scourges it tells, is that meetings bring about more unfocused meetings. This fists-up lead-in arouses… possibly infuriates those that hold these collective gatherings dear.

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5 Unconventional Brainstorming Tricks

If you have a team, you probably benefit from team brainstorming. Here’s 5 brainstorming hacks to break through the monotony and help you realize increased reward when investing in these team times.

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Rest and Renewal – Get clear in your thinking

Through an excellent blog post, Tony Schwartz of The Energy Project gives a simple example of how one can refresh themselves and increase their quality of life – By cutting down on the quantity of life.


Clear is a major design trend!

Clear, invisible, minimal design is #6 in’s 2012 annual trends report!