Clear Future Markerboards are environmentally friendly and match many LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) perspectives.


  • Marker surface is:
    • 1. composed of between 20% to 75% recycled material
    • 2. free from bisphenol A,
    • 3. free from plasticizers and components such as formaldehyde, paints, or adhesives
  • They replace whiteboards which quickly deteriorate to become waste material
  • They replace paper-based flip charts which helps reduce paper-waste
  • The board and hardware are recycleable and extremely durable – the special coating produces an idea surface that will stay clear for years
  • They work very well with water-based markers which reduces the need for solvents within a work environment
  • The surface can be easily cleaned with environmentally friendly glass cleaners also minimizing the need for solvent-based white-board cleaning solutions
  • In a mobile frame (as pictured) they don’t interfere with sophisticated lighting schemes such as daylighting environments

For architects, engineers and designers who are participating in a project to achieve LEED certification from the USGBC, potential LEED credits can be earned in various areas; especially the following:


As a component for furniture or a shelving display, our acrylic products comply with the credit requirements to obtain 1 point.





“We are committed to making our world, entrusted to us by our creator, a healthier place.


In our operating and manufacturing decisions, we will act to make visible, daily progress toward this reality.”

We partner with major acrylic suppliers who are also committed to the environment:

  • Acrylic products are one of the most readily recyclable plastics. Some grades can be re-extruded many times without losing their properties. Our acrylics can be “reverse polymerized”
  • to yield the original base chemical, MMA, which can then be used to make acrylic again or a number of other commercial products.
  • Uses an average of 20% and up to 75% pre-consumer reclaimed acrylic in its extruded acrylic products.
  • One of the few manufacturers using only colorants that are free of heavy metals in its acrylic products and has done so since the 1980’s.
  • Acrylic products are free of bisphenol A.
  • Does not add or use plasticizers in the production of our acrylic products.
  • Acrylic product do not contain components such as formaldehyde that can result in the release of harmful vapors or gases.
  • Acrylic products do not contain paints or adhesives


Ease of cleaning (Use standard glass cleaners without risk of damaging the surface)

Bringing this surface into office use creates an amazingly durable and reliable marking surface your team can rely on.


See a recent test of our surface facing permanent marker


Download our tech data sheet here



Our coated surface is:

  • 45 times the abrasion resistance of un-coated acrylic
  • half the weight of tempered glass


Our abrasion resistant, non-porous acrylic sheet is produced by applying a very hard, specially-designed coating to an acrylic substrate. This coating provides the sheet with a surface that has 45 times the abrasion resistance of uncoated acrylic.


The Clear Future Markerboard Acrylic Surface is 0.5″ thick and many times more impact resistant than conventional plate glass and has similar impact strength compared to tempered glass. In addition to its excellent impact strength, our surface of the same size and thickness is half the weight of glass.



  • Acuity and Acuity Frost Series – Slight bevel edge, CNC rounded corners, drilled 0.625 inch holes
  • Clarity Series – Extruded aluminum frame channel, marker tray.
  • Perception Series – Extruded aluminum posts, cross frames, marker tray. Cast aluminum legs. Dual wheel casters.
  • Vision Series – Steel frame. Dual wheel casters.