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Why clear?

Markerboards are excellent way of communicating quickly and reliably with a large group and for many a great surface to brainstorm on.  Big white boards though don’t always enhance a stylish work space.


If you have a medium to light wall covering, clear markerboards can not only give you a marker surface but leave your room’s aesthetics intact.


Also, some users want a marking surface they can put large print outs behind.  Our boards work perfectly for that.


Will these boards ghost or shadow like my other whiteboards?

One of our top questions is “Will your surface ghost?”


Like other dry erase board manufacturers we recommend not to leave dry erase maker on our boards more than 48 hours.  This is often the cause of ghosting.  Also using an inferior marker brand can promote ghosting residue.


That said, our scientifically-coated “Level 2” acrylic surface is incredibly durable (see the Construction & Green tab).  We have tested many types of markers and found none to ghost on our surface.  This is perfect for the intensive use of a busy boardroom or meeting room and handles all generations of markers with ease.


Here are our “in-box” care instructions…


Using and Caring for your Clear Future Markerboard


Markers –

We recommend using Low-odor, alcohol based ink, dry erase markers (supplied and available through most national stationery companies… Brands include Dixon, Expo 2, and others). It is recommended that users do not leave marker on board surfaces for an extended length of time.


Cleaning –

Because the surface acts more like glass, you can use typical commercial and residential cleaners on it. Unlike some whiteboards, a glass cleaner will not affect our “L2” surface performance.  If marking stays you can wipe it with cleaner and “Wow, its gone!”.


A liquid detergent and water solution is the recommended cleaner for our L2 surface.


While the use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended, the following brand name cleaners have
been tested and found to work well on our board surface.  Use lightly.


  • Fantastik® household cleaner
  • Mr. Clean® household cleaner
  • Formula 409® household cleaner
  • Top Job® household cleaner
  • Glass Plus® cleaner
  • Windex® window cleaner


Never use mechanical methods, such as razor blades, putty knives or scrapers on the surface
of the surface. This may lead to gouging and removal of the abrasion resistant coating.


Our boards require no other regular maintenance.


Are your boards glass?

No.  Our clear markerboards are made of high quality, non-porous, US-manufactured acrylic.  Our level 2 “Intense-Use” boards have a scientifically-created “any marker, abrasion-resistant” coating.  The surface is thick and robust.


Do your boards use special markers?

Our clear markerboards handle regular dry erase markers that you will find at your local office supply retailer.


We recommend low odor, newer generation markers like Expo 2 or low-odor, Dixon dry erase markers.


All our boards come with low-odor dry erase markers, and a brush.


I am afraid of scratching. What will we do if it does?

Regular use does not incur scratches.


Unlike glass which can also scratch, our acrylic boards can be easily repaired of fine scratches with a cream cleaner and fine scratch remover. Contact us in this event.


Scratches on whiteboards often are created in moving and handling off the wall.  These boards do need to be handled gently like glass.


Where do you ship to? Is it expensive?

We supply our boards throughout the USA and Canada at this time.


Our boards are over-sized and of a robust, heavier weight.  Shipping needs to be done through a transport company.  That said we are always surprise how inexpensive shipping is.


We always quote shipping specifically for you.  Ask us for a quote!


Do you sell through box retailers?

The nature of our boards is a higher-end commercial solution.  At this time we don’t offer our boards through a big box retailer.


We do however offer them through commercial office supply and furniture dealers.  This is a great way to buy our boards if you need installation assistance.


Ask your favorite dealer to contact us!


Finally, we do offer online quoting to those without a dealer contact and to those who can easily handle a commercial wall-installation.


Is installation easy?

Our boards take no longer than 30 minutes to install by an experienced wall-installer with the right tools.

Each board does come with instructions.  We do recommend you have a professional installer or carpenter install them as they are a heavier wall item.


Why don’t you supply wall anchors for Acuity Series?

Being that we don’t know what kind of wall our boards will be mounted to, we have elected not to supply the actual wall anchors with our boards.


For your peace of mind, your installer should be comfortable with the hardware they are using and select it based on your wall construction.


If asked, we like SnapSkrus or Molly Bolts for Dry Wall and Round Head Sleeve Anchors for Concrete.



Do you offer Frosted surfaces?

Our new Acuity Series will have a frosted backing option.  This is perfect for medium to dark walls as these shades don’t allow for easy marker reading.


I take it the surface is glossy. Does it reflect lights?

Yes, the surface is glossy – which gives it a beautiful high-end presentation.  And yes, just like glass would, the surface does reflect light.


You will see some lighting reflected depending where you sit in conjunction with the board.  You can also sometimes see reflection of windows.  Attention must be paid to where the board is installed.


We have also been asked as to whether a video projector can be shone through the surface.  In our tests the video image shines right through the clear surface and lands on the wall behind.  Again depending on where you sit you may see a small dot of the projector light. Again, attention must be paid to where the board is installed.


What is a “Level 2, Intense Use” surface?

When we initially tested surfaces, 2 options presented themselves.  Level 2 was better.  This is a specially coated acrylic that can take abuse and extended use.


We know people have experienced unsightly ghosting on their whiteboards and wanted to present the top-grade surface that resists ghosting and abrasion with a label that spoke to it’s higher level than a typical whiteboard.


We do get asked about the durability in a high use situation and hence the “Intense-Use” moniker.


What do you clean these boards with?

You can use typical commercial and residential glass cleaners on it. Unlike some whiteboards, a glass cleaner will not affect our “L2” surface adversely! If any ghosting occurs (which can happen on whiteboards or on our boards by using some cheaper markers) you can spray it with glass cleaner and “Wow, its gone!


Can I set up a corporate account rather than using paypal?

We can set up corporate accounts or will accept credit card information by phone or fax to put through your credit card manually.


For first order we do request it is paid by credit card.


Does the wall we are attaching the board to need increased support or backing?

Our wall mount boards will attach to most all standard walls without extra support.
Through your installer, choose appropriate wall hardware – Molly Bolts, Zip Toggles, Butterflies or other.  Our boards are not overweight for standard installation.  All sizes have the appropriate number of support points for simple installation.  We always suggest using an experienced installer.