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I See What You are Saying!

I See What You are Saying!

by: Milly Sonneman & Thomas Sechehaye
March 2011




Whether you give sales presentations, client pitches, or internal strategy sessions, visual presenting at a whiteboard can be remarkably effective. If you know what you’re doing!


Most of my clients admit to me that before using Whiteboard Blueprints, they thought they were hopeless at drawing. They are delighted to find out that (even without any artistic talent) it’s easy to learn the key steps.


In each blueprint, you get the ins-and-outs for professional level mastery. There are precise steps if you want for stimulating interaction, facilitating discussion, as well as problem solving with a marker. And yes, there are specialized tips for whiteboard presenting like a pro.


No matter how many tips and tricks you learn, you must practice. After all, you want to win sales – not have clients squinting their eyes and wondering what the heck you’re doing up at the board.


What’s the best way to practice your visual presentation skills? After 21 years of teaching these skills, here are my top 3 practice tips:


Tip 1: Practice In A Realistic Setting


The more realistic your setting is, the easier time you’ll have. If you’re going to be working in an office setting, practice in a similar one. By creating an environment similar to your final presentation, you’ll work out the kinks and quirks in advance.


Tip 2: Practice With a Blueprint


“Does it help to sketch out my whiteboard in advance?” You bet!


Yes, it helps to use a whiteboard blueprint to plan in advance what you will do when you have a marker in your hand. Make a thumbnail sketch of what you will do at the board. Hint: try using a template blueprint for quick and easy planning. This is the fastest way to plan for maximum impact.


Tip 3: Practice Drawing and Talking


When you sketch at a whiteboard, you are doing two things at once: drawing and talking. Practice doing both things so you look and feel confident. Persuasive presentations are interactive and two-directional. Rehearse all parts of what you will be doing in front of an audience. By rehearsing your complete visual presentation, you’ll be ready to go.


When you hear people say, “I See What You Are Saying!” it’s all worth it.


For instant video access to learn how this works, visit www.presentationstoryboarding.com


When you master the skills of effective lettering and storytelling at a whiteboard, you can expect a dramatic improvement in 2011. For your instant free download of the popular book on visual storytelling, Rainmaker Stories, click here. Get it today, before your competition does!



Milly Sonneman has owned her own training company since 1989, and during that time she’s developed, tested and perfected the hands-on system for presenting. She’s worked with hundreds of clients in every imaginable industry in B2B, B2G and non-profits helping over 10,000 people. Her classic book: Beyond Words: A Guide to Drawing out Ideas, published by Random House, has sold over 11,672 copies and is now translated into Indonesian and Japanese. Milly resides near San Francisco, California.



Instead of the in-your-face, pushy guru most public speaking experts seem to be, Thomas is a humble guy. But he is just plain brilliant at simplifying complex stuff. He’d rather simplify your presentation and help you solve a strategic problem than toot his own horn. Since 1996, he has been the master facilitator for Hands On Graphics, Inc., delivering world-class trainings, consulting projects and design projects to Fortune 500 companies, military and government agencies, and non-profits. He is consistently requested as the #1 consultant for sharing his knowledge, passion and down-to-earth Presentation Storyboarding system. He is co-author of 4 books with Milly Sonneman. Their new book, Beyond Slides: A Guide to Visual Storytelling was released in September 2010. Thomas resides in California.


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