Pregnant Meetings and the Nonsensical Moron

November 2012

Rework your meetings with glass clear whiteboards




In the best selling book, Rework, meetings are noted as “the worst interruptions of all”. One of their scourges it tells, is that meetings birth more unfocused meetings. This fists-up lead-in arouses… possibly infuriates those that hold these collective gatherings dear.



The small chapter “Meetings are Toxic” – graphically marked with an oil drum of poison – is actually an encouragement not to never meet, but to make meetings matter.



Authors Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson perceptively write, “meetings are scheduled like TV shows. You set aside thirty minutes or an hour because that’s how scheduling software works… Too bad. If it only takes seven minutes to accomplish a meetings’ goal, then that’s all the time you should spend. Don’t stretch seven into thirty.”



It’s long unfocused meetings that are vilified by the authors. “They require thorough preparation that most people don’t have time for.” and “They often include at least one moron who inevitably gets his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense.” (Oooooo. Now and then I’ve probably been that moron. That hurts!)



All isn’t lost though. We are left with a few simple rules to make a meeting productive. I’m not going to be a spoiler… Click through below to download a pdf this simple chapter (and a couple others) of this great book. Maybe even forward it to someone that needs a textual kick in the pants to move meetings along!



Ok, this meetings over.



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