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Whiteboarding: Why Low Tech is The Next Big Thing!

Whiteboarding: Why Low Tech is The Next Big Thing!

by: Milly Sonneman
January 2011




Fed up with boring and tedious PowerPoint presentations?

You aren’t alone. More and more organizations are seeking escape dull presentations. The best solution? Low tech whiteboarding.


A whiteboard is the fastest way to build connection, engage audiences and hold productive conversations. Yet, even knowing the power of dynamic interaction, you may still avoid it.


“I never use the whiteboard.”
Why not?
“I don’t know how to tell a good story!”


Sad but true. I hear this from many, many experienced presenters.


Many professionals—even senior level executives confess that they are not charismatic and don’t know how to tell an effective story. They aren’t sure how to be effective – without a set of slides as a backdrop.


At the heart of this, I’ve often found this simple truth: many professionals have illegible writing and are embarrassed to write in front of peers, clients or prospects.


Simple low tech tools of visual storytelling are the fastest and most effective way to build rapport, and engage audiences. But many professionals let poor storytelling skills and illegible handwriting stand in the way of success. Don’t let this happen to you. At the end of this article, you’ll find an incredible resource for storytelling.


Here are 3 tips for writing clearly and effectively at a whiteboard:


Tip 1. Stand Straight


It sounds funny, right? If you’re standing straight, your lettering will be straight. Don’t believe me? Try it out.




Tip 2. Look Where You’re Going


What works for goal setting and motivational speaking also works for lettering. Look where you are going–the far side of the whiteboard. Your hand will follow.


The result? Straight lines of text.






Tip 3. Go With Gravity


Gravity is a big force. Don’t fight it. It may have been a while since you practiced your penmanship. But there’s no time like the present. Practice each letter. Make each line within each letter – going with gravity.


Start at the top of the board. Then, go down. This makes writing easier and faster. Plus, the letters are a lot easier to read.


With these 3 tips, you’ll find it is easy to use whiteboards in your presentations. Oh yes. Did I forget to mention? You’ll have legible writing and you’ll get better results than you’d ever achieve with a stack of slides.


When you master the skills of effective lettering and storytelling at a whiteboard, you can expect a dramatic improvement in 2011. For your instant free download of the popular book on visual storytelling, Rainmaker Stories, click here. Get it today, before your competition does!



Milly Sonneman has owned her own training company since 1989, and during that time she’s developed, tested and perfected the hands-on system for presenting. She’s worked with hundreds of clients in every imaginable industry in B2B, B2G and non-profits helping over 10,000 people. Her classic book: Beyond Words: A Guide to Drawing out Ideas, published by Random House, has sold over 11,672 copies and is now translated into Indonesian and Japanese. Milly resides near San Francisco, California.



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